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    Fitness WOD: Active Recovery TRX

    For today’s Active Recovery #HBHealthAtHome Workout of the Day, Chris Manzano shows you 7 basic stretches that you can do using a suspension training system. The TRX and other similar home equipment use straps...

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    Is your Exercise Routine Balanced?

    Is there too much of one thing or a lack of another in your workouts? In today’s Operation Health@Home Fitness Education audio blog, Home Base’s Marlene DaCosta focuses on the importance of finding a...

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    Fitness WOD: Medicine Ball Circuit

    Keep pounding, Home Base Nation. In today’s workout of the day, Home Base SWFL’s Jaime Fernandez is coming at’cha with a medicine ball circuit workout designed for power output. These movements are explosive and...

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    Cooking Demos with Home Base: Guacamole

    Join one of our Home Base Southwest Florida Registered Dietitians, Ryan Morrison, for a great Operation Health@Home cooking demo where he guides you through a delicious and guilt-free guacamole recipe! It’s perfect for Taco...

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    Fitness WOD: Suspension Training

    It’s time to ditch the dumbbells, kick the kettlebells to the curb, and forget about those weight-training machines For today’s Operation Health@Home workout, Home Base SWFL’s Brett Thompson is going to guide us on...

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    From our Cookbook to Yours: Pasta ala Giovanna

    Pasta ala Giovanna In today’s Home Base Operation Health@Home segment called From Our Cookbook to Yours, we interview the dedicated staff at Home Base as they share the significance behind some of their favorite family recipes....

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    Fitness WOD: At Home With a Towel II

    There’s is never a reason to throw in the towel. Versatile in many ways, a single bath towel can help you challenge muscles in your body from head to toe without ever needing to...

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    Parenting During a Pandemic

    In today’s Operation Health@Home mental health segment, Home Base’s Dr. Wes Sandera provides some general strategies for making parenting less stressful during this time.