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Coming Fall 2023

This page is under construction. Please scroll down to connect to care and continue to check back for the latest information. (Last updated May 12, 2023)

Connect to Care

Although the launch of Home Base Arizona community care is not anticipated until the end of 2023 (see “Projected Launch Timeline” section) Veterans, Service Members and their Families in Arizona are eligible to receive treatment today from Home Base through our National Center of Excellence’s Intensive Clinical Program for Veterans and Families of the Fallen. Travel, lodging, meals and care are provided at no cost. To connect to care, visit homebase.org/getcare.

The following programs are available to Arizona Veterans, Service Members and their Families. Click the links below to explore each program.

Intensive Clinical Program (ICP)

Veterans & their Families get up to two years of treatment in just two weeks.

ICP for Families of the Fallen

Survivors of Fallen Warriors get up to two years of treatment in just two weeks.

Resilient Warrior & Resilient Youth

Six-session courses designed to teach Veterans and Service Members (Resilient Warrior) and Military-connected children (Resilient Youth) a variety of mind-body techniques and skill-building exercises to manage stress.

Projected Launch Timeline

The dates provided below are tentative and subject to change.

PHASE #1: LATE 2023

Warrior Health & Fitness

Designed to improve physical health and wellbeing through supervised exercise, nutrition, mind-body medicine, stress management and sleep through a free, 90-day program designed for Veterans, Service Members and their significant others.

PHASE #2: 2024

Outpatient Veteran & Family Clinic

Advanced, in-person and telehealth care for Veterans, Service Members and their Families including individual psychotherapies, “Gold Standard” trauma treatments, medication management, case management and Veteran peer support.

PHASE #3: 2024

Rural ICP for Native Veterans & Families

Stay tuned for more details!

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