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Visualize Success with Home Base’s Warrior Health & Fitness Team

At a time when we are required to remain physically distanced, sticking to health and wellness goals may feel even more difficult than usual. Estimates suggest that of the 40% of Americans who make New Year’s Resolutions, only 8% will ultimately achieve their goals. With 2021 underway, Home Base’s Warrior Health & Fitness Program Director Ryan Vanderweit, MS, CSCS, CPT is releasing a series of five mindset tips and strategy videos to help viewers make continuous progress towards their fitness goals.

Home Base’s Warrior Health & Fitness Program Director Ryan Vanderweit, MS, CSCS, CPT

The five-part video series highlights the extraordinary power of thought and teaches viewers how to implement a “mind over matter” mentality. When it comes to reaching goals, motivation is not enough—particularly amid the ongoing pandemic—since group workouts and gyms may not be an option. In this series of videos, Vanderweit aims to teach viewers how to change their mindset in order to reach their goals.

“The ‘mind over matter’ mentality is real,” explained Vanderweit, “Turning the impossible into the possible begins in your head. If you learn to use your mind during exercise, your body will follow.”

The video series will be released on a bi-weekly basis and hosted on Home Base’s Operation Health@Home platform. Launched in April 2020 after stay-at-home orders were mandated across most of the country, Operation Health@Home is an online platform featuring essential coaching strategies in fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and mental health. This exclusive virtual health and wellness content from Home Base experts has reached more than 8,500 viewers, with staff from both Boston and Southwest Florida continuing to work together to produce new content each week.

“Now almost a year after the stay-at-home orders began, I hope this new series will help viewers stay on course following what has been a very challenging time for self-care and self-betterment both physically and mentally,” said Vanderweit.

For Veterans, Service Members, and Family Members looking for additional support with their wellness goals, Home Base’s Warrior Health & Fitness programs in Boston and Southwest Florida have relaunched as of January 4, 2021. The 90-day program is dedicated to helping Veterans and Families achieve their health and wellness goals through evidence-based exercise prescriptions, nutrition guidance, and social connections. Following guidelines from the CDC, Massachusetts General Hospital, The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and Massachusetts and Florida state, participants will have virtual access to Home Base Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists, Registered Nutritionist/Dietitians, and Mental Skills Coaches.  The Southwest Florida program is currently offering outdoor in-person workouts,  and both the Southwest Florida and Boston programs hope to relaunch indoor in-person workouts as soon as possible.

“We have worked diligently in establishing protocols to ensure our Veterans safety while simultaneously providing in-person training during these unprecedented and challenging times,” said Home Base Southwest Florida’s Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Jaime Fernandez, CSCS. “In addition to in-person training, Operation Health@Home has supported our initiatives for self-care and self-betterment both physically and mentally.”

For those interested in learning more or registering for Warrior Health & Fitness, please click here for Boston and here for Southwest Florida. To be the first to receive exclusive content covering fitness, mental health, mindfulness, and nutrition, please click here to register for weekly Operation Health@Home emails.

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