Comprehensive Brain Health and Trauma (ComBHaT) Program

I am no longer numb to the outside world intent of simply getting through the day. Life is no longer a haze and is instead full of color because the amazing gift Home Base gave to me and my family.” –ComBHaT Patient

The Comprehensive Brain Health and Trauma (ComBHaT) Program was launched in 2019 to provide coordinated, integrated, multi-disciplinary specialist evaluation, treatment, and care coordination for active-duty Service Members and Veterans. The ComBHaT program has served over 150 Veterans and Servicemembers from across the country since the program launched. Although ComBHaT is available to any Service Member or Veteran in need, the program has primarily been providing comprehensive evaluations to active-duty Service Members and Veterans who have or are members of the special operations community. Through affiliations with benevolent organizations like The Navy SEAL Foundation and The Wounded Warrior Project, and world-renowned healthcare institutions to include Massachusetts General Hospital, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, and the greater Harvard Medical School community, Home Base and the ComBHaT Team provide the highest quality assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation services. All care is provided at no cost to the service member, veteran, or family member.  Based in Boston, but serving Veterans from across the country, the ComBHaT Program offer a holistic and innovative approach to clinical care that includes:

  • Neuropsychological Evaluation
  • Comprehensive Physical Evaluation
  • Musculoskeletal Evaluation
  • Vestibular Physical Therapy Evaluation
  • Physical Therapy
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Psychopharmacology Evaluation
  • Speech Language Evaluation
  • Neuroendocrine Evaluation
  • Orthopedic Evaluation
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Sleep Study


Who is eligible?

Although ComBHaT is available to any Service Member or Veteran in need, the program has primarily been curated to meet the unique care to active-duty Service Members of Special Operations Forces.

How much does it cost?

Through the support of our benevolent partners, Wounded Warrior Project, The Navy SEAL foundation, SEAL legacy foundation and the Fischer House, the costs associated with travel and treatment are covered at no cost to the Veteran or Servicemember. Any further questions can be directed to Patrick Smith Transportation, lodging and meals are covered for the participating Service Member or Veteran. For those who have insurance, the treatment costs will be billed; however, the Veterans will never have co-pays or further out of pocket costs. For those without insurance, full treatment is still available. Veterans and Families will never be denied based on their ability to pay.

What will be the plan for care?

Service-members and Veterans will work with our clinical team to determine an individualized plan for each person and or the possibility to continue care or participate with our other programs here at Home Base, such as the Intensive Clinical Program or Accelerated Clinical Treatment Programs. Support and resources in securing aftercare options for outpatient services, near the participant home address will also be provided.

Is family included?

Support people are an integral part of the healing process and will be encouraged to participate in treatment coordination and other program offerings.

What should I expect during my first call?

Your first call will involve a discussion to increase our understanding of your specific situation. Information gathered will help assure your health needs are the right match to the services we provide.

How do I start?

Please call the Home Base Clinic at 617-724-5202 and request to speak with a member of the ComBHaT Team, CLICK HERE for information about other additional programs we offer here at Home Base. You can also email Home Base’s Special Operators Program Coordinators Patrick Smith or Natasha Kelty.