Mission Pickleball: A Grateful Nation Raise Their Paddles To Play The Veteran-Created Game

We knew it was a matter of time before Pickleball would come for a visit... and stay at Home Base. Mission Pickleball tells the story of the first pickleball tournament and fundraiser for Home Base on March 31st, 2023, partnering with our friends at the Naples Pickleball Center, in Naples, Florida. It is fitting that 3 WWII veterans created this infectious sport on a summer day in 1965. Word has it that they were trying to help a bunch of bored kids to find something to do, which may be true, but little did they know that it would create community and comradery not only around the country but the whole world 50+ years later. 

Big thanks to team Home Base Pickleball – Moe Roderick, Steve Monaco, Jason Cooper, Armando Hernandez, Angie De Lima, Larry Whitmore, Lindsey Stiefvater, Nicole Culver, and Jaime Fernandez, and again thanks to our NPC partners Bob Strommen, Holly Bacon, Will Blanchette, and Pat Shea.

Many thanks to our Florida healthcare partners Lee Health, The David Lawrence Center, and to the tournament presenting sponsors, Florida Gulf Coast University who helped make this great event possible.


If you are your loved one is experiencing any emotional, mental health struggles, you are not alone and please contact Home Base at (617) 724-5202, or visit www.homebase.org.

REMINDER... If you are a runner, walker, or want to sponsor either one, the 14th annual Run To Home Base is coming soon, of course back at Fenway Park with our great partners the Red Sox Foundation, on Saturday July 22nd 2023! Thank you for all your support of the mission to take care of all of our veterans their families. Hope to see you there and as always you can join, run and support anywhere virtually…At www.runtohomebase.org

Theme music for Home Base Nation: "Rolling the tree" by The Butler Frogs

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The Home Base Nation Team is Steve Monaco, Army Veteran Kelly Field, Phebe Garver, Justin Scheinert, Chuck Clough, with COO Michael Allard, Brigadier General Jack Hammond, and Peter Smyth.

Producer and Host: Dr. Ron Hirschberg
Assistant Producer, Editor: Chuck Clough
Chairman, Home Base Media Lab: Peter Smyth

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