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Fitness Education: Move to the Beat, the Power of Dance

Too much of one thing is not always good.  In this case that would be a lack of movement.  A fun way to introduce spurts of physical activity into your day that is very accessible is dancing! There seems to be a resurgence of doing that right now as a way to introduce joy into one’s day, whether that is by yourself, with your family, or at the recommended social distance with your neighbors during an organized dance party.

What are the benefits?

Dance can elevate your mood. Sometimes we tend to pick a genre that we grew up with that reminds us of times that we spent with friends at a party, a road trip, a family gathering or a popular dance step of a certain era. This can put a smile on our face by bringing back good memories.

It is a great form of physical activity that does not have to feel like structured exercise. If you are one of those individuals that view exercise as a chore, this is the activity for you because you find it enjoyable.  If an activity is more enjoyable, you are more likely to do it.

Dance is a good way to diversify how you take a break during the day. In the same way it is recommended to take walking breaks; dance can be used in the same manner especially if the weather is not great.

Dance has served as a catchy way to deliver a global health message. An example is a video that has gone viral showing a dance choreographed by Vietnamese Choreographer Quang Dang about containing the spread of the Coronavirus.  When we learn the dance, we continue to spread that positive health message.

Dance has also served as a way to lift the spirits of healthcare workers on the front lines. The dance videos from the physician known as the ‘TikToc Doc’, Dr. Jason Campbell, second-year anesthesia resident at Oregon Health and Science University have gone viral as well, bringing smiles to millions of faces.

How do you get this party started? 

Depending on your generation or what’s easiest for you to do, break out your archived vinyl, tapes, CDs, mp3s, Spotify/Pandora playlist and get moving!

Join a virtual dance party on Instagram!  Nightclubs have always been the source of great dance music and many DJs have been answering the call to fill this void.  Even if you are not a club-goer, these dance parties are a great way to have that feeling and sense of community in your own home with others who are sheltering-in-place or hunkering down.  DJ D-Nice is a person who has been answering the call and doing live stream dance parties out of his home in Los Angeles and the response has been tremendous.

Some people might say that they feel silly at the thought of doing something like this, but at the end of the day who cares!  The bottom line is that you had fun and got some physical activity at the same time that makes you happy!

To view the news and YouTube segments of Choreographer Quang Dang, Dr. Jason Campbell, and DJ D-Nice, click on the video links provided in the written version of this article.

Quang Dang



TikToc Doctor – Dr. Jason Campbell


DJ D-Nice


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