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Mindfulness: Yoga Games for Kids

These days almost everything is virtual. So if you are looking to break up the screen time with some fun and movement, here are four yoga games for kids of all ages!

Many of the games described below will require a deck of yoga cards. To make yoga cards you can print out the photos from this blog post and paste onto index cards. Or you can make your own yoga cards by drawing the poses or printing out pictures from the internet and pasting them onto blank index cards. Remember to also write the name of each pose on the card. If you want to learn how to do the poses from this deck, check out the video below for demonstrations.

Yogi Says

One person is the designated Yogi, the others are the players. Standing in front of the group, the Yogi calls out yoga poses for the rest of the players to do. However, the players must only do poses that begin with “Yogi says.”

If the Yogi says, “Yogi says tree pose” then players must try to balance in tree pose. But, if the Yogi says, “Cat pose!” the other players shouldn’t move. Any players that move into cat pose are out.

The last player still in the game wins and becomes the next Yogi.

Yoga Memory

You will need 2 decks of yoga cards for this game. Choose a certain number of yoga pose cards from one deck and select the matching cards from the second deck. For an easier game start with 5 pairs of cards. For a more difficult game use 12 pairs. If you are a memory master, try using the entire deck!! Shuffle all of the chosen cards together. Lay all the cards in rows, face down. Take turns picking up two cards from the table. If the two cards match, everyone does the yoga pose and you get to keep the cards! Continue taking turns picking cards until all the matches have been found. Remember to do the yoga pose for each of the matches! The person with the most matches at the end wins!

Yoga Counting

Create a deck of number cards by writing the numbers 3-15 on blank index cards. Shuffle your number cards and place them in a pile. In another pile, shuffle your yoga cards. Go around in a circle and take turns pulling a yoga card and a number card on your turn. The player whose turn it is, does the yoga pose on the card while counting to the number on the number card. Continue going around the circle for as long as you like or until you have gone through all of the yoga cards. If you run out of number cards, reshuffle the deck and continue playing.

Yoga Bingo

Draw or print out a blank 5×5 bingo card for each player. The middle square is Free Space. Write the name or use a picture of a different yoga pose in each of the remaining blank squares. Make sure all of the Bingo cards are different.

Going around in a circle, each player takes turns pulling a yoga card from the deck.

Anyone who has that yoga pose on their card demonstrates the pose and then colors it in that square with a crayon or marker (Hint: If you want to reuse the cards, try marking the spaces with pennies or other small objects. **Note: If young children are playing, use Cheerios to reduce risk of choking.)

The first person to get 5 yoga poses in a row wins and everyone does the winning yoga sequence together!

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