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Fitness WOD: Supplemental Geriatric Population Workout

Workout of the Day: Supplemental Geriatric Population Workout


This is the first workout of a 3-workout series. It is designed for our older Veteran population or individuals just beginning a training program. It focuses on simple movements that enhance mobility and flexibility of the ankle, hip, and thoracic spine. We are focusing on proper activation of these joints to translate to everyday activities. This series includes 3 workouts: a lower body workout, an upper body workout, and a total body routine.

The workout focuses on the three planes of movement: Sagittal (front to back), Frontal (side to side), and Transverse (rotational). The series will begin with simple movements in each plane for lower body and upper body, and then combine these movements in the last total body workout. Each workout will begin with an integrated mobility or functional mobility warm-up, followed by a resistance training portion, and finally a 5-10-minute cool down.

The first workout targets lower body muscles and integrate mobility and functional training into the warm-up. After the warm-up and functional movements, we move into the resistance training portion of the workout for lower body. The exercises are meant to strengthen the muscles that act synergistically to perform simple movements of daily life. Each exercise will be performed for the designated number of reps and repeated as a circuit for a total of four rounds. Finally, a cool down will be performed for a total of 5-10 minutes of walking, jogging, etc.