Home Base

Fitness WOD: Medicine Ball Circuit II


Keep pounding, Home Base Nation. In today’s workout of the day, Home Base SWFL’s Jaime Fernandez is coming at’cha with another medicine ball circuit workout designed for power output.

These movements are explosive and will help turn your at-home fitness up a notch!

Medicine Ball Side Lunge

Reps: 10 each side

How to Perform: Start with feet at shoulder-width apart and parallel to each other. Holding the MB in front of your body with arms extended, side-step laterally (side-step left or right) while shifting 80% of your body weight to this leg. Simultaneously, bend hip and knee while reaching down towards the ground or ankle with the medicine ball. Opposite leg or stance leg should remain straight throughout this motion and spine aligned (chest up). Come back to starting position while extending or straightening lunged leg (leg bent at knee and hip) and pushing off the ground and coming back up to an upright position. Do one side and then another.

Medicine Ball Unilateral Balance Rotational Press

Reps: 10 each side

How to Perform: Start with feet closer than shoulder-width apart or a narrow stance. Hold MB on the palm of the hand at shoulder height. Rotate away from the side holding the MB and simultaneously execute a single-arm press (while rotating press up). If this is challenging, finish movement in this manner. To add a balance/stability component and make the movement a little more difficult, as you rotate and press, shift all your weight onto the leg under the MB and bring your opposite foot off the ground. Return foot to the ground as you shift weight back to both legs and you come back to starting position. Do one side and then the other.

Single Arm Elevated Push-Up

Reps: 8 each side

How to Perform: Get in a push-up position but place MB underneath one hand and the other on the floor. The hand on MB is elevated compared to the hand on the floor. Both arms are straight as possible with each hand directly underneath their respective shoulder. This is your starting position. Keeping your back straight and aligned, execute a push-up. That is one rep. Complete 8 on one side then change MB to other arm and repeat.

Medicine Ball Bent-over Row w/ Alternating Rotations

Reps: 12 each side

How to Perform: Begin in bent-over position holding MB directly underneath chest with arms straight. To get in a bent-over position, hinge at the hips while keeping your back aligned, chest up, and knees slightly bent. Your trunk should be a little above parallel from the ground and eyes looking straight ahead. This is your starting position. Row or pull MB into your chest while bending elbows and keeping them close to your ribs. Extend or straighten elbows back to starting position and then rotate torso to one side leading with MB and arms straight. Follow MB with eyes. Bring back to starting position, row again, and then alternate rotation to the other side. Execute 12 rotations per side and 24 rows.

Medicine Ball Floor Press with Release

Reps: 15

How to Perform: Start laying on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Hold MB with both hands over chest (elbows bent and close to chest). Upper arms should be at a 45° angle from the trunk. There is a release and catch component to this exercise (upper body plyometric) but if you feel uncomfortable releasing the ball as you may miss the catch and hit you (possibly face) please restrain from doing and simply execute a press. For a press, just extend elbows and then bring back to chest. To release and catch, explosively extend elbows and release MB above. As you catch, flex or bend elbows back to chest and then repeat.