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Calming and Mindful Activities for Kids

Jennifer Kneeland is the lead Expressive Art Therapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor for Home Base. As an avid creative artist, Jennifer strives to encourage the healing power of creativity and imagination in her clinical work. She aspires to embody the principles of expressive arts therapy to strengthen internal growth both in clinical and personal experiences.

Create a Work of Art Together
Teaches: taking turns, being patient, concentration and working together
One member of the family creates a shape- square, rectangle, Cat face, Tree or even just a made-up scribble
The next family member has a choice to either add to the first shape OR color in the first shape
The picture will build as turns are taken and will be a wonderful piece of art that the family made together!
Options: Create a story as this picture builds or pick a theme for the picture, such as creating a perfect vacation spot for the whole family or create the world’s best amusement park!

Cosmic Kids Yoga, for kids aged 3-6
Fosters healthy screen time: Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, learning emotional intelligence
Interactive and engaging
Brilliant ways to support Mind-body health for little ones

Yoga Download, for kids aged 6 and up aged 6+
Fosters healthy screen time: Yoga, meditation, mindfulness,
Features varying levels and intensity, and Parent/Child yoga classes
Mediations, Nidra and iRest available

Dance for kids aged 3+ 
Fosters healthy screen time: Dance also supports a healthy mind-body connection
Free lessons offered in different dance styles
Parents can learn with their children
Great for all ages

Art Charades- Family activity or Kid activity
This can be an ongoing daily activity for your little ones or a game to play as a family
Family members write down themes such as, mythical creature, favorite vacation, trees, flowers
Family members or child picks a theme to draw for the day or a time period in game mode

Create a mandala in your yard out of rocks
Older children can help younger ones. Finding different colored stones and learning how to balance stones takes patience and encourages a calm state
Mandala can be balanced or flat, as shown.

Take a nature walk & collect items to use in nature collage
Supports creativity and Family time outside
Other materials needed- tape, glue and paper