Home Base

Veterans Susan and Paul Dionne’s Path to Wellness with Home Base Florida 

Susan and Paul Dionne’s military backgrounds are diverse yet equally marked by dedication and service. Susan, a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps, dedicated 22 years to prestigious institutions like the National Naval Medical Center. Meanwhile, Paul’s journey began in the Air National Guard before transitioning to the Army National Guard while concurrently working as a lineman for AT&T. Their combined experiences spanned from Susan’s service with the White House Medical Unit to Paul’s work as a jet engine mechanic at Pease Air Force Base. 

Transitioning to civilian life, Susan pursued roles as a Hospital and Nurse Executive, while Paul delved into commercial real estate after his tenure as a lineman and a three-term New Hampshire State Representative.  

Their path to the Warrior Health and Fitness program was initiated after they relocated to Naples, FL and sought the guidance of the Whole Health Coach at the Naples Veteran’s Administration Clinic. Drawn by the program’s structured exercise routines and strength-building opportunities, Susan and Paul found themselves embraced by a supportive community of fellow Veterans. 

Participation in the program became a source of camaraderie and encouragement for the couple. Engaging in various activities, from workouts to cooking demos and sports games, added depth to their experience. Susan praised their Fitness Coach, Nicole, emphasizing her ability to inspire and challenge them while keeping the sessions enjoyable. 

Their time in the program has yielded transformative results. Both Susan and Paul have witnessed significant improvements in their physical well-being, with Paul noting his increased strength and reduced pain. Beyond the physical benefits, they highlight the invaluable support and camaraderie fostered within the program, which has propelled them towards better health and a sense of purpose. 

Susan and Paul Dionne’s journey with the Warrior Health and Fitness program underscores the vital role of initiatives like Home Base Florida in bolstering Veterans’ health and fostering a deep sense of belonging within the community.