Helping Our Heroes Heal: Philip Krabbe

Meet SSGT Philip Krabbe: Marine Veteran and Home Base Intensive Clinical Program Graduate.

In 2006, on one of several deployments to Iraq, Philip Krabbe’s team was nearly wiped out by a roadside bomb. As the platoon sergeant, Philip assessed the damage and began to pick up the pieces of his team, fellow Marines scattered on the roadside. The next day he was back out on patrol and continued on to another tour of Iraq.

For Philip and many returning Veterans, coming home from war is the hardest battle they will ever face. When he returned home, Philip was a changed man, there was no smile, no joy. Philip was tormented by losing his men and turned to drugs and alcohol.

For over 10 years, Philip fought his battle alone, seeking help, seeking counseling, with no tangible result. In 2020, amid the pandemic Philip found Home Base. He packed his bag and boarded his flight to Boston, embarking on an experience that would forever change his life and give him back the hope he had lost on the side of a road in Iraq nearly 15 years ago.

After 15 years, I got my smile back. I am enjoying life – I went camping, fishing, and even to a football game. Finally, I am the husband and father I should be. Without Home Base’s support none of this would be possible.”

Home Base cares for these warriors with a world-class clinical team focused on healing the physical and invisible wounds of war.

You can help Home Base continue to provide the lifesaving clinical care needed for Veterans to reclaim their lives and be made whole again.


Home Base provides life-changing, life-saving care to heal the invisible wounds of war for Veterans, Service Members, and their families – all at no cost to the patient. 

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