Helping Our Heroes Heal: Darnell Johnson

Meet Darnell Johnson: Navy Veteran and Home Base Alumnus

Darnell Johnson joined the U.S. Navy in 1978 for opportunity and a way out of the Detroit neighborhood he called home.

He had no way of knowing how the next 30 years of his military career would so drastically change his life.

In his retirement, Darnell battled depression and self-medicated with alcohol and other substances. Every day, Darnell was reliving his worst days in service, waking up in the middle of the night to memories of old demons that haunted his dreams.

After another attempt at suicide, Darnell knew he needed to find help. “At Home Base, I learned to express myself safely, and manage the fears that were keeping me from moving past my post-traumatic stress. There is a sense of comradery at Home Base that many of us Veterans seek out. Home Base doesn’t leave you behind.”

Darnell credits his life to the support Home Base provided. “Home Base isn’t another cookie-cutter program, it gave me another chance at life. Today, I’m proud to say I served. Home Base helps bring us back into society, there is help, and we are not alone”.

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Home Base provides life-changing, life-saving care to heal the invisible wounds of war for Veterans, Service Members, and their families – all at no cost to the patient. 

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