Yi-Da Chen

Yi-Da Chen is enthusiastic about database modeling and analytical techniques that together transform data into meaning and insights. During his undergraduate study back in Taiwan, he found himself interested in learning different ways to organize data in a database and analyzing the pros and cons of a design. He was also intrigued by advanced system architectures and algorithms designed for big data, including data warehousing, multidimensional databases, and data mining. Through various projects over the years, Yi-Da has continued his interest in programming and data analytics and gained experience in social network analysis, time-series analysis, natural language processing, and machine learning.  

Yi-Da has received his bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in Management Information Systems and served in various capacities, including software engineer and IT educator. He has also earned a Ph.D. minor in Sociology and is interested in Psychotherapy. With the experience of having once served in the Navy in Taiwan, Yi-Da is identified with the missions of the Home Base and is honored to be a member. 

Yi-Da enjoys national parks and hiking. He once by accident hiked all the way down in Grand Canyon to the Phantom Ranch and back on the same day. He also likes 70’s and 80’s music and touring historic houses across New England.