Paul Babu

Paul Babu contributes as a Research Software/Data Engineer Co-op at Home Base, bringing a
solid background in computer science and a keen interest in data engineering and analytics.
Currently pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Science from Northeastern University,
Paul’s academic journey complements his professional experience.

With a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering, Paul gained foundational
skills in algorithms and machine learning. Prior to joining Home Base, he worked as a Data
Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services, where he focused on developing data pipelines and
optimizing performance.

Paul’s project portfolio demonstrates his commitment to innovation, spanning from image
processing applications to fitness web apps. He adeptly combines frontend design with backend
development in his projects.

Outside of work, Paul enjoys sports such as cricket and badminton, and he values social
interactions and storytelling.

Fascinated by the intersection of research and software engineering, Paul is driven by the
challenge of solving complex problems and delivering effective solutions. At Home Base, he
looks forward to contributing to impactful projects in data-driven innovation.

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