Ron Hirschberg, MD

Dr. Ron Hirschberg is a rehabilitation physician specializing in neurological and polytrauma functional recovery, and medical director of the Brain Health Program at the Home Base in Boston, MA. He is assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) at Harvard Medical School, and Director of the PM&R Consultation Service at the Massachusetts General Hospital, after completing training at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in 2006.

During spring 2020, Dr. Hirschberg was chief medical officer of the COVID field hospital Boston Hope under the command of Brigadier General Jack Hammond that served more than 700 patients in the greater Boston area. He subsequently joined the mission-centric team at Home Base Program for Veteran and Family Care, serving active duty service members, veterans and military families who are affected by the invisible wounds of war: PTSD, TBI, depression, and substance use disorder, as senior director of Wellness overseeing Resilience, Fitness, Nutrition, and Expressive Arts Programming. In summer 2023, Dr. Hirschberg joined the Brain Health Program as medical director, along with clinical director psychologist Dr. Lauren Brenner. Specifically, this team serves the special operator community with more than 75% active-duty service members who visit the Comprehensive Brain Health and Trauma program (ComBHaT) for evaluation of functional, cognitive, and mental health, with medical concentration on TBI, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, other health issues and wellbeing. The ComBHaT team has seen and served more than 500 special operators since 2019 with expansion of programming currently underway.