Home Base

Remembering and Honoring Memorial Day

To our Home Base SWFL Family,

On behalf of Armando Hernandez, our Home Base SWFL Program Director, and our entire Home Base SWFL team, my wife Denise and I want to thank all of you and your Families in our extended SWFL Home Base Family for your own selfless service in our Nation’s Armed Forces on this Memorial Day Monday 25 May 2019. These pandemic virus times in 2020 have demanded much of our Nation and all of us here in SWFL. We admire and are deeply grateful for our Veteran health care professionals, those across our Nation, and those of you here at home in SWFL, who are serving with such courage and devotion on the front lines to defeat this virus. Blessings to all of our Veterans and your Families in our Home Base Family and Veteran Community to stay well.

So in these demanding times this year of 2020, on this day that has become sacred in America all across our great Nation and right here at home in SWFL and especially in these unique and life challenging times of this virus pandemic, we honor and remember our men and women who died in military service to our Nation, all those who in President Lincoln’s words, ‘gave that last full measure of devotion.’

May we all pause in our own way this Memorial Day 2020 in deep remembrance and thanks to honoring and remember all those who gave it all in military service–and their Families who bear the pain of their loss and to continue to reach out and connect with each other in these challenging times.



Fred Franks
Gen, US Army (ret)
Honorary Director, Home Base Southwest Florida