Whose Freedom Are We Fighting For? – Featuring Spike Lee

Our high school history books highlight patriots like Paul Revere and Samuel Adams during the time of the American Revolution. However, a foundation was being built just before this time through the actions of a small group in Boston on March 5th, 1770. The evening’s events were later known as the Boston Massacre, and we remember eleven people shot, including the death of five men who led a call to freedom from British control. One of these men was a former slave named Crispus Attucks, who was not only the first to take a bullet, he would be the first in our country to die for the American Revolution.

African Americans have served our country from its inception, and in all wars. As segregation had lifted during the time of the Vietnam War, progress was made. Yet to this day the brotherhood of soldiers in general shows more of a color-blind culture than the country itself.

Following our conversation, join us for a Diner Debrief, a time to meet at the local diner or coffee shop and chat. We are joined by Marine Veteran Leonard Montgomery who shares a perspective on personal experience as an African American both in and out of times of service. We would like to hear from you as well, so please contact us at www.homebase.org/homebasenation

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