Telling Their Stories – Featuring CNN Anchor and Author Jake Tapper

Recorded on September 11th, 2020

This episode is dedicated to the following 9 soldiers and their families:

Justin T. Gallegos, Christopher Griffin, Kevin C. Thomson, Michael P. Scusa, Vernon W. Martin, Stephan L. Mace, Joshua J. Kirk, and Joshua M. Hardt, who died in the Battle of Kamdesh, in Eastern Afghanistan on Oct 3rd, 2009, and Ed Faulkner who died the following year after returning home.


Many thanks to Jake Tapper for all you do for our servicemen and women and their families.

Special thanks to Anna Beth Jager, Ella Richardson and the CNN team for your collaboration and support, and to Chuck Clough and Mike Shimshack for audio expertise and consultation.

"Everybody Cries" is performed by Rita Wilson, and cowritten by Rod Lurie, Larry Groupe, and Rita Wilson

Watch the 2020 movie The Outpost trailer here, directed by Rod Lurie, and starring Scott Eastwood, Caleb Landry Jones, and Orlando Bloom.


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