Crossing Your Own Ocean – With Army Veteran Bryan Fuller and Dr. John Lowry

Bryan Fuller and John Lowry met in kindergarten on the north shore of Massachusetts in 1974. They were living the adventurous life back in elementary school, getting home just before dark – most of the time. After rooming together at UMass-Amherst, John’s path would eventually lead to medicine and Bryan to Army intelligence during the Bosnian War.  

It’s now been 50 years since these two buddies met - and along with Klara Anstey from Wales and Elizabeth Gilmore from Virginia, they are about to venture across the Atlantic Ocean on the first fully human-powered boat traveling from Boston to London... on June 1. Join them for a conversation with Dr. Ron Hirschberg at Home Base Program for Veterans and Family Care, on supporting the care of the invisible and visible wounds - and crossing one's own ocean.


Many thanks to Bryan Fuller and John for visiting us at Home Base and bringing us back to their first days of friendship in 1974, to an epic 5-part journey across the Atlantic in 2024. Talking about crossing an ocean for many reasons, and for many people who need our support is something I will never forget - Please follow this crew with us throughout their journey – Visit for daily updates, photos and videos all the way from Boston to London.

And of course, Home Base Nation will continue to share episodes every two weeks up through the Run to Home Base this coming July 27th. Please sign up to join us there to support all veterans, servicemembers and families, and as we celebrate and honor women in the military this year in 2024.

Home Base Nation will be sharing episodes every two weeks up through the Run To Home Base this coming July 27th. Please sign up to join us there to support all veteran, servicemember and family care, and as we celebrate women in the military this year. 

Home Base Nation is the official podcast for Home Base Program for Veterans and Military Families – Our team sees veterans, servicemembers and their families addressing the invisible wounds of war at no cost. This is all made possible thanks to a grateful nation – And if you want to learn more on how you can help, visit us at, or if you or anyone you know would like to connect to care, you can also reach us at 617-724-5202.

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