DEFENSEMEN: With Boston Bruins Alum and 1970 Stanley Cup Winner Rick Smith, and Navy Captain (Ret.) Dr. Joe Bonvie

We had the pleasure to host Kingston, Ontario’s own Boston Bruins Stanley Cup winner Rick Smith at Home Base recently, and sit with our own Senior Director of Clinical Services Navy Capt (Ret.) Dr. Joe Bonvie. Joe and Rick talk about the mental and physical toll on the mind and body that happens in and outside the rink. Rick tells us about his journey post-retirement in the woods up north, and how finding new identity and purpose that he always had in hockey for years was far from easy to come by. Rick and Joe talk about a social hub of sorts in Kandahar, Afghanistan that existed for years on a military base with a full-sized ball-hockey rink transported by the Canadians in 2007, and how bringing the Stanley Cup with them overseas was good medicine for many in need.

A happy 100th Anniversary to the mighty Boston Bruins, as they lead 3:1 in the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Toronto Maple Leafs, facing off TONIGHT April 30th at Game 5! Here is our conversation with Rick Allen and Joe Bonvie on hockey, brotherhood, competition, and comradery.


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