Serving Service with a Smile: Part II – With Cartoonist and Writer Garry Trudeau

In Part II of this conversation, Ron and Garry talk about gaining the trust from military leadership during wartime, with the opportunity to visit Kuwait during the Gulf War after getting the call directly from the battlefield, and how just like visiting Walter Reed, these are chances to Get it Right in order to follow him or her from servicemember to veteran and from deployment to home. They discuss how he’s not really that guy who could ever really tell a joke, and where his humor seems to come from, about his love for putting on a show ever since he was a little kid, and how he shares the mission to support veterans with fellow cartoonist (among other things), Jake Tapper.

Thanks for tuning in to Home Base Nation with writer, cartoonist and longtime supporter of our veterans and military families, Garry Trudeau. 

Thank you Garry for your unwavering support of veterans and their families, and expertise in creating worlds that tell stories that make us think, feel, laugh, and smile. Make sure to pick up his series of four books on these journeys of recovery!

Home Base has a serendipitous connection with Garry and our mutual respect and connect to the incredible Fisher House. Proceeds from sales of the four books we discuss, which feature forewords by the late Senator and Veteran John McCain and General Richard B. Myers, former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, benefit Fisher House providing temporary lodging for military families - currently at 92 homes across the country, with more expanding overseas. Home Base has partnered with Fisher House for many years and we are grateful every day for the ongoing support they provide our veterans, servicemembers and families, enabling them to visit and stay in Boston at our Center of Excellence.

This episode was recorded and edited by Chuck Clough, of Above The Basement Productions.


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