More Than an Unbelievable 29-year Undefeated Track Streak – Featuring Marine Veteran and Teacher Hal Croft, with Brigadier General (Ret.) Jack Hammond and Producer Brandon Millett

On the show today, Marine Veteran, teacher in the classroom and on the track – Hal Croft, including two of his former Reading, MA High School students – Film Producer Brandon Millett, and Home Base's Executive Director Brigadier General Jack Hammond. Host Ron Hirschberg sits with Hal, Brandon and Jack to talk teaching, building bonds on and off the track and battlefield, and healing wounds of war in and out of the clinic. It was just a few years prior to starting his teaching career that in 1967 in Vietnam Hal Croft would earn both a Silver Star for valor in action, and a Bronze Star for saving four fellow Marines at Khe Sanh. We also learn that Hal taught track and field just like the classics in his English literature class, and like Hemingway’s quote "Courage is grace under pressure," Hal lived it every day on his track. 

Thank you Hal Croft, General Jack Hammond and Brandon Millett, for joining us on Home Base Nation. Service, leadership and creativity all come together in talking with you all, and the story of resilience and comradery of the Reading High School Track Team is awesome – We are very excited to see CROFT the film soon, and you can go to for all information and updates on the documentary release.

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