Unbroken Code, Unbroken Love (For Country) – With WWII Marine Veteran and Navajo Code Talker Peter MacDonald, Sr.

Today is August 14th - And US Navajo Code Talker Day. Many do not know about the Code Talkers and what they did for our nation  - and the world  - starting in 1942. On the show today, we are thrilled and honored to share a live conversation that took place on July 23rd 2023 at the Home Base Center of Excellence in Charlestown Navy Yard, with WWII Marine Veteran, Navajo Code Talker Peter MacDonald. Hon. Peter MacDonald is one of three surviving Navajo Code Talkers and his Knowledge, Wisdom, and Strength all come through in this special episode. 


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This interview followed the 14th annual Run To Home Base at Fenway Park where we honored the Special Operator Community. And along with Red Sox Nation that night in a pregame ceremony, Sox fans (along with many Mets fans at their side) gave a standing ovation to Mr. MacDonald as he and his family got a taste of Fenway spirit, honoring a legend right there in the historical park.

Thank you to our honorable guest, Marine Veteran and Navajo Code Talker Peter MacDonald for visiting Home Base and for this live, unforgettable conversation. Thank you for teaching us about service and sacrifice and of course the 3 guiding principles you offer to the next generations: 1. Knowledge, 2. Wisdom, and 3. Strength. We were so grateful to you and your family for visiting us in Boston and hope and look forward to returning the visit in Arizona soon. 

Many thanks to Hope and Charity MacDonald and your families for making this visit possible- At Home Base, thanks to the great team including Army Veteran Felicia Pinckney, Erin Dwyer, Air Force Veteran Marcus Denetdale, Dr. Louis Chow, Steve Monaco, Army Veteran Kelly Field, Marine Veteran Derek Goodwin, Justin Scheinert, Phebe Garver, with leadership support COO Mike Allard and ED Brigadier General Jack Hammond.

Thank you to Chuck Clough for editing and production on this episode and David Schmitz at Waves Media for live-video recording and production – You can find the full length video of this conversation on our YouTube channel.

"Hozho Nahasdlii'" is a Navajo (Dine') Prayer-Song written by Clara Natonabah from the Tachii'nii Clan. 

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The Home Base Nation Team is Steve Monaco, Army Veteran Kelly Field, Justin Scheinert, Chuck Clough, with COO Michael Allard, Brigadier General Jack Hammond, and Peter Smyth.

Producer and Host: Dr. Ron Hirschberg
Assistant Producer, Editor: Chuck Clough
Chairman, Home Base Media Lab: Peter Smyth

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