The Heart of a Survivor – With CBS Survivor Winner and Military Family Member Mike Gabler

In our last episode of Season 5, Dr. Ron Hirschberg talks with Survivor's Season 43 Winner Mike "Gabler" Gabler, the first winner to give their entire $1 Million to a deserving cause close to our hearts at Home Base. As a heart valve specialist from a military family, Gabler talks about the inspiration of service he’s had from his dad and friends in the military, and an unforgettable veteran named Lester who lived well into his 90s, following his team's transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedure. While thinking literally under the stars over the island for days, things started to come together for a guy who has served many people's hearts, about how a grateful civilian could best help many more veterans in need. 


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It’s February, 2023 – It’s American Heart Month and today is Valentine’s Day folks… So it’s also the perfect time to talk about a special person who not only has shown his massive heart for giving to veteran mental health, but happens to work in the business of giving people new functioning hearts - Mike Gabler. Gabler is a heart valve specialist, who’s lived most of his life in Texas, and last year found his way from his family home base in Idaho to Fiji as one of 18 contestants on the CBS show Survivor. Gabler is the winner of this past season #43, he is 1 of 2 winners over 50, and is the first winner in Survivor history since its first year in 2000 to give the entire $1M dollar prize to charity. He is supporting the veteran community with this gift, specifically in PTSD and mental health, gifting under his dad’s name, Army Veteran and Green Beret Robert Gabler.


Thank you Gabler, for your serving those who’ve served through this more than generous gift, and the chance to make a difference in an ongoing way. Survivor has been right in our living rooms around the country for almost 23 years and getting the chance to lift awareness about the needs for returning and all recovering veterans is huge, so thank you sir. 

Special thanks to Betty Diaz at Paramount and Jennifer Mendez-Ruiz at CBS for bringing us together and for all you do to support mental health, veteran and other efforts!

For all returning Survivor fans and for anyone who’s never seen it, it’s never too late to start - Survivor 44, which has been the twelfth consecutive season to be filmed in Fiji is set to premiere on March 1, 2023, on CBS, coming right up in 2 weeks. 

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