Talk While You Exercise, Learn While You Podcast – With Boston VA Whole Health Medical Director Dr. Eddie Phillips

Today on the show, host Dr. Ron Hirschberg chats with friend and colleague Dr. Eddie Phillips, Whole Health Medical Director at the Boston VA, and Associate Professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School, about asking not what's the matter with you - but what matters to you, about Eddie's "Bike Desk" that keeps him moving while working, moderate and vigorous intensity exercise, and learning while laughing with his cohost Juna Gtata on PRX's Food, We Need To Talk.


I first met Dr. Eddie Phillips back in… 2003 (gasp), which is officially now 20 years ago when I was a resident, training at Spaulding Rehab Hospital and he was an attending physician. Eddie was then in the process of essentially grass roots education to not only patients but all healthcare workers - that exercise is medicine. Something was catching on in looking at not only exercise, but patient lifestyle more than before - such that in 2007 he founded the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. Before long, Eddie and team were developing multiple Harvard CME courses around the world… 

So it was no surprise to me that in 2016 Dr. Phillips was approached by WBUR the NPR Boston affiliate to host The Magic Pill along with cohost WBUR’s Carey Goldberg – This show won an Edward R. Murrow Award which is basically like getting an Emmy for broadcasting. Very cool. Fast-forward a couple years and Eddie joined the very talented Juna Gjata – on a fantastic new podcast produced with PRX call Food We Need to Talk – essentially educating and entertaining us all about nutrition and food and how it relates to our lives - Make sure to check out this show, perhaps as your New Year’s resolution (and hint-hint that’s the topic of their episode this week – all you need to know about New Years’ resolutions, including the science behind it)…

-Cheers all and Happy New Year! - Ron


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