Leading Starts With Listening – Featuring MA Secretary of Veterans Services Jon Santiago

Secretary Jon Santiago has had more than a few roles that have brought him to listen and lead in Veterans Services for Massachusetts along side Govenor Healey: A Multilingual Peace Corps Alum, Public Health Grad, Emergency Room Physician, Major in US Army Reserves, and Mass State Representative. And along with wife Alexandra, his proudest role to date as dad to Rafael, their 14-month-old who inspires him daily to do right by the community now and for the future. Ron Hirschberg talks with the Secretary about the journey so far, and how his drive to support and serve all veterans and families comes from within, and the calling to help all people in need or crisis, with DEI and the social determinants of health at the core of his mission.  


-Thank you to Secretary Jon Santiago for your service in many ways. You are indeed a role model for all of us and of course your little guy’s generation to come. Home Base looks forward to your great work for all veterans of all eras, and their families throughout Massachusetts as a model Nationally as well. Thank you very much to Jackie Manning for all your efforts to make this conversation possible and to all the great staff at the Secretary’s office.

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-With Chairman of the Media Lab at Home Base Peter Smyth and the support and counsel of COO Mike Allard and Executive Director Brigadier General Jack Hammond, we started this podcast in November 2019. The goal was and remains twofold: To highlight the great work that so many are doing to lift awareness and help veterans and military families, and to connect with leaders from both military and civilian worlds to talk about service and mind-body health. 

-As we head towards one hundred episodes, I want to acknowledge and thank this great team of collaborators, beginning day one with Steve Monaco, Cassie Falone, Charlotte Lucky, Army Veterans Bill Davidson and Armand Hunter, Lucy Little and Laurie Gallagher, and our new team - Army Veteran Kelly Field, Steve Monaco, Justin Scheinert, Phebe Garver, and Chuck Clough. 

-We are closing today with our 5th Season of Home Base Nation and on behalf of all of us at Home Base, we appreciate you – a Grateful Nation, for taking the time to listen during part of your day, whenever and wherever you are. We will be back this Summer with new great content and conversations. Thanks.


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