Returning to Fenway – The 2022 Run To Home Base: Honoring Black Veterans of All Eras

In this Season 5 opener, come back to Fenway Park on July 30th, 2022 for the 13th Annual Run to Home Base. This is our first RTHB at the Park since Covid, and this year Home Base and The Red Sox Foundation honors and celebrates Black Veterans and Families of all eras. From the first base line and Sam Adams Deck, Dr. Ron Hirschberg interviews WWII Tuskegee Airman Enoch "Woody" Woodson II, WWII Army Veteran Marvin Gilmore, Brigadier General Joe Carter, Lieutenant Colonel Brian Kitching, Green Beret Julian Kitching, Colonel Dana Sanders-Udo, Mass General Brigham leaders who have and continue to support the Home Base mission, and other champions like NESN's Tom Caron and famed Red Sox Pitcher Tim Wakefield. Happy Veterans Day to all who've served and to all the families who have served along with you. 

We are very grateful for the efforts of the following staff at Home Base who made RTHB 2022 as special and inspirational as ever:

-Cheryl Brathwaite, Daughter of Army Veteran, Home Base Office Manager 

-Leonard Montgomery, Marine Veteran, Home Base Veteran Outreach Coordinator

-Kevin Dillon, Navy Veteran, Home Base Veteran Outreach Coordinator

-Felicia Pinckney, Army Veteran, Home Base Program Manager Network Development


If you are your loved one is experiencing any emotional, mental health struggles, you are not alone and please contact Home Base at (617) 724-5202, or visit

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The Home Base Nation Team is Steve Monaco, Army Veteran Kelly Field, Phebe Garver, Justin Scheinert, Chuck Clough, with COO Michael Allard, Brigadier General Jack Hammond, and Peter Smyth.

Producer and Host: Dr. Ron Hirschberg
Assistant Producer, Editor: Chuck Clough
Chairman, Home Base Media Lab: Peter Smyth

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