Pride in Service: Looking Backwards to Move Forward from Don’t Ask Don’t Tell with U.S. Army Veterans Cliff Brown and Jade Griffiths

Today we have the honor of sharing two U.S. veteran stories, both out gay military service members who were in basic training together fifteen years ago and have not seen each other since. Army Veterans Cliff Brown, who is a project manager at Home Base, and Jade Griffiths, who works today as a 911 dispatcher, talk to us and each other about how life was for them as LGBTQ-identifying soldiers during Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and after it was repealed, about President Trump’s 2017 reenactment of the Transgender service ban, and how things are going today. Like all periods of struggle for equal rights, you need to look backwards to look ahead, and it’s important for us to continue shed light on these issues and share peoples’ stories. As we near the end of June, we wanted to wish our listeners a Happy Pride month.


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