Home Base 2020: Adapt Or Fall, Respect For All – Featuring Brigadier General (Ret.) Jack Hammond


Dear Home Base Nation,

This second season of our show has come to an end, and so has 2020. Even though the country and world look ahead to a continued difficult situation in 2021, there is always something hopeful about a new year, along with the natural reflection that we all can use now.

Personally, I’ve learned a lot from our guests both military and civilian, especially in that with challenge, comes opportunity to build back and overcome. Resilience is somewhere in all of us and learning to adapt to change and adversity might happen over months to years, or as quickly as days to weeks. Thanks to the HBN team - Brendan McCaffrey, Charlotte Luckey, Steve Monaco, Karianne Kraus, Moe Roderick, Dan Berg, Natalie Bonelli, and DeeDee Kearney, who join weekly with one goal of bringing new episodes that we are proud of, and hope you continue to enjoy. Season 2 included conversations and stories with amazing people who in their own unique way, continue to serve those who’ve served.

HBN military guests: Army Veteran and Director of the JFK Library in Boston, Alan Price taught us about JFK’s obstacles and support of the Green Berets and Peace Corps. Green Beret Kevin Flike told his own story of resiliency post trauma, while inspiring us to push forward. Airforce Veteran Bonnie Carroll moved us with her stories and new ways to look at life after loss. Army Colonel David King told us about operating in the trauma trenches, at home in his own city, during the Boston Marathon Bombing. Lieutenant General Mike Linnington inspired us to carry our brothers and sisters on our backs both in and out of a pandemic. Navy Veteran Abby Malchow and Marine Veteran Beau Higgins educated us about the transition to work from battlefield to Amazon Warrior. British Navy Veteran and Chef Robert Irvine taught us about balance of selfcare in and out of the kitchen. Marine Veteran Alisa Johnson, Founder of Dogs on Deployment inspired us to follow our passions at all times.

HBN civilian guests: Home Base COO Michael Allard, Drs. Jeannette Ives Erickson and Giles Boland, along with Brigadier General Jack Hammond told the story of the COVD-19 field hospital, Boston Hope that treated more than 700 people during the Spring surge. Dr. Emily Silverman, writer and hospitalist at UCSF gave perspectives on all of our narratives, especially on the frontlines of a COVID unit. Ken Fisher taught us about how a family business built much more than buildings for thousands of military families both in US and abroad. Jake Tapper took us back to The Outpost in Afghanistan to tell the story of not only a battle but about the lives of 9 men who we lost. ICU Nurse Ericka Coutts taught us about a marathon of a pandemic in and of itself. And David “Big Papi” Ortiz showed us how he learned to run the bases again after fighting his own trauma.

To close out 2020, you'll hear Home Base’s Executive Director, Brigadier General Jack Hammond talk about this unprecedented year, while looking ahead at hope, collaboration, and taking care of our own body-mind-and-soul, so that we can best take care of each other. The Home Base team has done the pivot, and will continue to deliver the specialized care for those with TBI and PTS, build the Special Operations programming led by Drs. Ross Zafonte and Alexis Iaccarino / Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, and promote resilience and wellness for not only our veterans, but their military families who all serve. 

Thank you all for tuning in, for sharing part of your day with us and for all your support of our veterans and military families. I look forward to seeing you back in 2021 for a new year and new season of HBN, with many more inspirational conversations coming your way.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year,


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