Did I Make It? – Featuring Navy SEAL Kevin Lacz

Former United States Navy SEALKevin Lacz served two tours in 2006 in Ramadi, Iraq. He is a decorated veteran, writer, actor, physician assistant. Originally from New England and a loyal Patriots, Red Sox and Bruins fan, he currently lives with his wife Lindsey and their two kids in the panhandle of Florida.

Kevin is also a creative guy who found himself taking on a few roles in the movie world, notably playing himself (Dauber) in Clint Eastwood’s adaptation of the Chris Kyle autobiography American Sniper. And in 2016 he wrote his own memoir, The Last Punisher about his experience in Ramadi during those day with Chris KyleJonny Kim, Ryan Job, Jocko WillinkMike Monsoor, and Marc Alan Lee, who he talks about during this interview, a colleague and friend who was both compassionate and as tough as they come. 

Kevin talks about the truly challenging nature of transitioning back home to civilian life, and that for SEALS and other Special Operators, there can be a real sense of respect, control and belonging that is profound – And when back home, it’s huge change – It’s about redefining one’s self and finding new passions, new meaning. 

He just published a book called The Veteran’s Workbook, about how to transition back to the work force post military, along with Bill Hobbs and his wife Lindsey Lacz that connects to that concept of belonging. He and Lindsey and their kids live in Florida, actively shuttling back and forth to scouts and gymnastics and busy. They also run Hunting For Healing, a charitable organization that brings disabled veterans hunting, fishing and outdoor activity, and reconnecting with each other and family.

Note: News clip source: Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-AZ), given a speech on the House floor in December 2020

- This conversation was recorded virtually in June 2021 -


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