Dancehall and Deployments – Featuring Marine Veteran Shaggy

That Love is a 2016 infectious song written and performed by our featured guest today, GRAMMY winner and Marine Veteran, Shaggy. It’s worth visiting the music video for this song, that paints a picture of our armed forces missing their loved ones while overseas. It does the job in giving the nod to all of our servicemen and women who keep love and connection alive… while fighting for our country.

Shaggy was born Orville Richard Burrell in Jamaica, and after moving to New York at 18, he would soon enlist in the Marines. Two years into service he deployed with the 10th Marine Regiment to the Persian Gulf, and he looks back at that time as one of the building blocks of discipline that helped launch him into superstardom into the world of Dancehall and Reggae music.

Shaggy is a 7-time nominated and 2-time GRAMMY winner including his 2019 album 44/876 with Sting. In studio and on tour, Sting and Shaggy became bonded brothers, immigrants of different forms not unlike military mates. Except their mission is unity through song that we all experience just by listening or visiting them at their “office,“ on stage together.

For Shaggy, music has been a vehicle to bring different kinds of people to the same experience. But after meeting him, it’s not just the music that does this, its his spirit and grit that undoubtably were shaped by a Marine background.

Semper Fi … or in English, “Always Loyal,” sums up a true motto for our guest as a Marine who served overseas and as a faithful artist who continues to serve all of his fans across the globe.

To get to know Shaggy a little more, check out the New 2019 album Wah Gwaan, and you can find him at

Thank you Shaggy for joining the Home Base Nation crew, for your service as a US Marine and for what you bring to unity through music.

Episode songs

  1. That Love (Shaggy)
  2. Soldier's Story (Shaggy, Pizzonia, Roston, Truhn, Ducent)
  3. Dreaming in the U.S.A. (Sting, Shaggy)




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Many thanks to Shaggy for joining the Home Base Nation line-up, for your service as a US Marine and for what you bring to unity through music. Special thanks to Tracy Bufferd at team Shaggy and Sting for all your collaboration and support.

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