Beyond The Battlefield: Stories Of War That Bring Us Together – Featuring Army Veteran Jessica Rivera and Green Beret Kevin Trujillo

This year marks the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and on this Memorial Day, with Covid clearing, Memorial Day seems to come with a collection of emotions. As vaccinations rise, masks come off and people start to congregate more and more - Up the road at Fenway Park and cheering on the Bruins around the corner from Home Base as they make their way in the playoffs.

And looking back one year exactly, we hosted an event called Beyond The Battlefield - To bring veteran storytelling to our community, connecting civilian and military culture in a unique way. Home Base clinical psychologist Dr. Daria Mamon knew of an Israeli group called Resisim that hosts events for veterans to tell their story to their families, and their communities - The goals are simple: To help with stress of war for the veteran, while at the same time provide a way for civilians to have a deeper understanding of war and conflict. So Daria, along with clinical social worker Kat Dunford brought storytelling to Home Base, providing veterans and service members the tools to tell their own story.

Thank you Kevin Trujillo and Jessica Rivera for your service, and for all you do to continue to serve. These stories are yours but become ours to share and we hope can not only help with the healing process, but bridge the civilian-military gap that is so common in the US and other countries.

Thank you to Dr. Daria Mamon and Kat Dunford for creating Beyond The Battlefield and the forum for these narratives to be built.

The Home Base Family Outreach team is ready and available to connect, offering support and treatment to veterans and military and families. For all needs or any questions, please connect at, or 617-724-5202.


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