Warrior-Healer: Inside A Song By Air Force Veteran Blair Morin and James House


             Blair Morin and James House

             11 September 2018


I remember seeing a lot of good in people

Back when I was a younger man

But I went to war looked into the face of evil

Change forever who I am

I did my duty, I was unapologetic

Swore I’d be there when a brother in need

That's whet you do when you’re a warrior medic

Give comfort and aid no matter what you believe


But somewhere between then and now

I lost myself


Oh oh oh healer - oh oh oh warrior

Oh oh oh healer - oh oh oh warrior


My wife asks me why am I so angry

My kids ask me why am I so scared

They see it but I don’t burden them

Cause I’m still fighting that war over there


But somewhere between then and now

I got lost myself


Oh oh oh healer - oh oh oh warrior

Oh oh oh healer - oh oh oh warrior


I haven’t given up on my brothers

They haven’t given up on me

Looking back pushes me forward

Fighting to feel the hope that I thought I’d never see


Oh oh oh healer - oh oh oh warrior

Oh oh oh healer - oh oh oh warrior


Thank you to Blair and Sarah Morin for your service, sacrificies and your passion to help others with your story. 

Many thanks to Mr. James House for your service through songwriting, and our friends at SongwritingWith:Soldiers.

Thanks to Joe Wallace for photography, and to Chuck Clough at Above The Basement for your support and technical assistance.

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