Inside and Outside the Mask: Art Therapy At Home Base

...Mask work is steeped in human history, and in many cultures around the world. Mask therapy work with service members stems from the work of Art Therapist Melissa Walker at Creative Forces at the National Intrepid Center of Excellence (or NICoE), part of Walter Reed Medical Center. The language of trauma may not be accessed, or not there at all. And we recognize that the important thing here is the process of creating a unique and personalized mask – so that the conversations can accompany or follow...

Very special thanks to Air Force Veteran John Hicks for your service and for helping us to learn more.

Thank you to Dr. Lisa Wong of arts and humanities at Harvard Medical School for joining us, and to Home Base’s own Jenn Kneeland, expressive arts therapist for all you do.

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This episode was co-produced and edited by Lucy Little


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