Battlefield of Dreams – Featuring Green Beret Nate Boyer

This conversation was recorded in August, 2021  at the time of the US was pulling troops out of Afghanistan. HBN released this relevant content on all of our minds that week: Your Sacrifice Matters (8/23/21)

Today we dive into Nate’s work and experiences at home. What moved him towards the military and about what he continues to do for his own form of service. Looking backwards, Nate’s story seems to fit together at every turn. But what’s behind the scenes is always seeing opportunity, along with grit and dedication at every step, not to mention learning from the natives whether in the locker room with the Seahawks, shoulder to shoulder with the Afghans, or on the movie set learning how to tell the stories we need to know about. 

Nate continues to serve in many ways, and cofounded Merging Vets And Players (MVP) along with partner Jay Glazer, has acted in several roles, and is now in the process of releasing the movie he directed that outlines the genesis of MVP and what it means, about the bonds shared and finding belonging and meaning for new chapters for Athletes, Special Operators and all veterans returning home to civilian life.

Here is the full conversation we had at our Home Base Center of Excellence following a memorable Red Sox game the night before, where Nate’s friend and supporter of MVP First baseman Kyle Schwarber took the plate at Fenway. It’s been about two months since, and although the Sox didn’t make it to the end this year, I do remember Kyle’s grand slam during the playoffs 2 weeks ago and thought of how Nate in California was feeling the same energy of that stadium as everyone else.

Thanks to Green Beret Nate Boyer for your service, and your ongoing efforts to serve others. 

We’d like to dedicate these conversations with Nate to his friend and colleague Master Sergeant Brad Keys who still guides Nate to this day, and through Nate he gives that guidance and support to many others.

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"Soldier on" was co-written by Nate Boyer and Darden Smith, with the program Songwriting With Soldiers

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