Help Our Heroes Heal

The time to help Veterans, Service Members, and their families is now.

As the recent events in Afghanistan continue to evolve and escalate, many of our nation’s brave service members, veterans, and families are hurting. Home Base stands ready to serve them, and we need your support to help our heroes heal.

Many of these heroes served in Afghanistan, the longest multigenerational war of our lifetime. For many, they lived, fought, and played, “Shana-Ba-Shana” or shoulder to shoulder with their Afghan counterparts. The personal sacrifices they made felt worthwhile as they left a better, safer, stable Afghanistan behind. The fall of Afghanistan has rocked the Veteran community and the military families who have also sacrificed greatly.

Home Base’s services are needed now more than ever.

When you give to Home Base, you provide Veterans, Service Members, and their families with access to lifechanging, lifesaving care at no cost.


A Story of Hope and Healing: Meet Retired U.S. Navy Chief Warrant Officer Bill Bastable

Bill Bastable is a Retired U.S. Navy Chief Warrant Officer, Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician.

Bill spent much of his 21-year military career attached to the Navy SEALs, diffusing and clearing harbor mines. Deployed 7 times, and the recipient of a Silver Star, Bill came home a different man than pre-combat. He suffered from chronic headaches, vision impairment, and memory loss.

Bill was shot twice during one fight in Afghanistan, and earned the Silver Star medal, two Bronze Star medals for Valor, and the Purple Heart medal fighting for this nation.

When Bill arrived at Home Base he was hoping for something to simply treat the symptoms he was experiencing, but that was not the case. Through Home Base’s world-class clinical care, a discovery was made that Bill’s memory loss and headaches were from multiple musculoskeletal issues and traumatic brain injury, the result of Bill’s heroic and dangerous work diffusing mines.

Bill credits Home Base with getting his life back. “Home Base made me whole again. I was able to be a better husband, and a better father. They didn’t just treat the symptoms; they found the problem.”

Watch Bill’s story here: