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Kensington Salute to Home Base Florida Veterans and Families: A Record-Breaking Success

The event began with a grand entrance by the guest of honor, Medal of Honor recipient Ryan Pitts, and his battle buddy, Army Veteran Mike Denton, escorted by police sirens. Following this, Veterans and participants enjoyed a delightful lunch prepared by Chef Ralph and his team around the pool. The opening ceremony, led by General Fred Franks, was a heartfelt tribute, highlighting the presence of Home Base Florida’s Veterans who were there to golf.

This year was not only a record-breaking success in fundraising but also in participation for Family Day. Over 60 Veterans and Family Members enjoyed a sun-soaked day by the pool, which included a fun cookie-making contest and a Pickleball Social later in the day. While families enjoyed these activities, golfers had an excellent day on the course, filled with impressive shots and great camaraderie.

The evening reception saw unprecedented attendance, where attendees were moved by an inspiring testimonial from local FL Army Veteran and Lee County Sheriff Officer Steven Rogers about the transformative impact of Home Base Health and Fitness. The highlight of the evening was an emotionally riveting speech by Ryan Pitts, who shared his story of valor and his passionate advocacy for Home Base care.

The event’s success was the result of the combined efforts of the volunteer committee, the Kensington team, and the Home Base FL team. Fundraising efforts were exceptional, raising nearly $320,000. This included a generous $50,000 donation from Jean Tempel, bringing Kensington’s total contributions close to $2 million over the years.

As the event concluded, there was a special surprise: the renaming of the tournament in honor of General Fred Franks for his ongoing dedication to Home Base Florida, made possible by Jean Tempel’s significant donation.

This year’s Kensington Salute to Home Base Florida Veterans and Families was an extraordinary event, reflecting the unwavering dedication to fulfilling the trust of our Veterans and Their Families. The team is deeply honored and proud of the collective effort that made this event a resounding success.