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Inspiring Philanthropy: The Kleins’ Dedication to Home Base Florida

For the past decade, Home Base Florida has encountered countless philanthropic individuals throughout the beautiful state of Florida. The Sunshine State not only offers stunning beaches, crashing waves, and delicious seafood, but it also attracts extraordinary people who are patriotic, generous, and ready to serve those who have served our country. Florida welcomes thousands of newcomers from across the United States, particularly from the North, eager to escape the cold and enjoy more sunshine. Among these remarkable individuals are Sharon and Michael Klein.

The Kleins discovered Home Base Florida at the Annual Kensington Salute to Home Base Florida Veterans and Families—a family day and golf tournament held in Naples, Florida, for the past 13 years. During the tournament, they felt a strong connection to Home Base Florida. Inspired by the organization’s dedication to improving the lives of Veterans and Their Families, the Kleins decided to deepen their commitment by sponsoring the event the following year.

Over time, Sharon and Michael’s desire to contribute grew, reflecting their incredible generosity. After meeting with Jason Cooper, Assistant Director of Development, they felt compelled to do even more for the Veteran community in Southwest Florida. Consequently, they joined the tournament’s board of committees. Their fresh perspectives and enthusiasm were exactly what the long-standing committee needed. The Kleins immersed themselves in the planning process, assisting with sponsorships, offering valuable feedback from a sponsor’s perspective, and flawlessly executing the event’s reception.

As the 13th Annual Kensington Salute to Home Base Florida Veterans and Families approached, Home Base Florida learned that Medal of Honor Recipient SSG. Ryan Pitts could attend the tournament. Excited by this opportunity, the organization swiftly arranged accommodations for Pitts. Instead of placing Pitts and his battle buddy in a hotel, the Kleins graciously opened their home to provide them with a warm and welcoming experience.

Sharon and Michael Klein epitomize true philanthropy. They consistently give their time and resources to organizations like Home Base Florida with gracious and open hearts. Their passion for serving those who have served our country is evident in their words and actions. They are always ready and willing to give back in any way they can.

If Sharon and Michael’s story inspires you and you want to get involved with Home Base Florida, there are many ways to contribute. Whether through event sponsorship, planned giving, or simply spreading the word, every action makes a difference. Join us in our mission to create a lasting impact on the lives of Veterans in our community.

To learn more about Home Base Florida, please visit www.homebase.org/florida.

Their mission is complete. Ours has just begun.