Home Base

A Message to Fellow Veterans from Executive Director Brigadier General (ret.) Jack Hammond

Brigadier General Jack Hammond, US Army (ret.)
Executive Director, Home Base

Dear Home Base Nation,

As a former Commanding General for US Forces in Kabul Province, Afghanistan,  I have watched the fall of Kabul, the abrupt withdrawal of US troops, and the abandonment of our allies with great sadness. I know that many of my fellow Afghanistan Veterans have also been triggered by the terrible images of human tragedy and have felt anger, frustration, and pain. We have fought “Shona ba Shona” or Shoulder to Shoulder with our Afghan partners and translators, and lived among and played with Afghan children.

It will take some time for us to process this horrible chain of events, but for now, I would like to express my deepest thanks and appreciation to the Veterans and Military Families of Home Base Nation, to include our great teammates in Southwest Florida, for their twenty years of service and sacrifice.  You were asked to serve as freedom’s guardians and prevent a second 9-11 type attack on the US from Afghanistan and this mission was accomplished. From one Afghan veteran to another, thank you for your service, sacrifice, and mission accomplishments, and thank you to your Families and our Gold Star Families. We are here for you as we have been for the last over ten years. Together, we must begin the healing.

As the situation in Afghanistan further deteriorates and the atrocities continue, our team at Home Base stands ready to provide the compassionate care we have delivered to both our warriors and their families for more than a decade. We will also begin hosting a series of web-based “Vet-togethers” where warriors can connect with fellow Veterans. In addition, Home Base will increase its efforts and programs to serve these brave men and women.  Our primary mission at Home Base will continue to focus on serving our Veterans, Military community, and their families. If we can be of any assistance or you want to talk to us, please connect with our care and support team here.


Jack Hammond

Brigadier General USA Ret.

Executive Director, Home Base