Adventure Series: TRX Yoga

On Saturday, September 10th, we will be partnering up with TRX Yoga for a one-day training at our facility in Charlestown. Ignite your intent and build a strong foundation of alignment, core power, mobility and stability through the repetition of movement and breath. Plus, discover how TRX Yoga can cross over into any fitness program to achieve new goals. This Adventure Series is open to all ages and is adaptable to anyone interested! Sign up by Wednesday, September 7th, at 1700 for a chance to attend.

Family TRX Yoga for All Levels (1100-1145)

TRX Yoga is a mindful movement practice, safe for ages (5 and up) .  We want to invite the whole family to come and practice together!  We will assign one TRX Suspension Trainer per family to round robin when you are moving on the straps and off the straps, and maybe even assisting one another!

TRX Yoga for the Adaptive Athlete (1200-1245)

TRX Yoga leverages the TRX Suspension Trainer to feel the yoga postures in a brand new way all while creating limitless possibilities.  We invite you to come and explore ways to move  in a way that works well for you and feels good using the TRX Suspension Trainer to find the right variations!

TRX Yoga Balance Challenge (1300-1345)

TRX Yoga is a vinyasa style of yoga that leverages the TRX Suspension Trainer to both support and challenge your practice.  This class will explore movements to challenge your balance to enhance the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer and explore your favorite yoga poses in a brand new way.