Home Base

Donor Highlight: 8th Grader Patrick McIntyre raises over $500 for Home Base

In his own words, Patrick describes his desire to help Veterans in need: 

The BFCCPS (Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School) curriculum mandates that all 8th grade students complete a community service project. I, Patrick McIntyre, a student at BFCCPS in Franklin, MA, thought back to my grandfather, who served in the United States Army, my second-cousins who are Marines, and my great-uncle, who also served for the United States Army. I knew a great

deal of effort, bravery, time, and dedication was necessary in order for them to serve their country. So I looked into ways to help other veterans, with either physical or mental wounds. As it turns out, an unfortunate number of military personnel suffer from these mental wounds

such as PTSD.

I looked for organizations that helped with PTSD and found an organization called Home Base in Boston, Massachusetts. I had a few ideas on how to raise money, based on past students’ experiences and a bit of brainstorming myself, but I had no clear view yet. My goal was at

least a few-hundred dollars, enough to be effective, but not too much to be impossible to achieve. I decided soon after that I would ask for sponsors as I ran for one month to benefit PTSD causes. My plan was to run 20 miles over the course of a few weeks in November 2021; donors could then sponsor me for any amount they saw fit. I would go door to door, asking over 150 houses, and also gave them a handout that I made summarizing PTSD issues and Home Base.

Luckily, I had a very good number of people who were willing to donate. I ended up raising $520. I was shocked. My sister Monica was a big help, she walked around with me house to house, writing down the addresses and giving me feedback after my little presentations to each person. I happily closed this project after succeeding my goal, and I visited the Home Base organization in Boston. I met with Col. Dan Arkins to give my fundraising efforts to Home Base directly. Mr. Arkins was very kind and generous to my father, my brother, and me.