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Bringing Communities Together, One Donation at a Time: Introducing Charlie and Kimberly Young: Dedicated Supporters of Home Base Florida

We are thrilled to feature two extraordinary individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to Home Base Florida—Charlie and Kimberly Young, residents of beautiful Bonita Springs, FL. Their journey with Home Base Florida began when they first learned about our organization at the Annual Nest Golf Tournament. Since then, their involvement and support have grown significantly, making a profound impact on our mission to serve the community. 

Charlie Young, inspired by Home Base Florida’s commitment to making a difference in not only the lives of Veterans but also Their Families, decided to take his involvement to the next level. After two years of witnessing the positive impact of Home Base’s programs and initiatives, he joined the Home Base Florida Leadership Council to help Home Base Florida make a bigger impact on those we serve in the southwest Florida community. Charlie’s passion for the cause and his natural ability to connect with people led him to become a co-chair for the Nest Golf Community, a role where he actively encourages others to support our cause. 

In addition to their remarkable dedication, Charlie and Kimberly Young have also made a leadership gift of $10,000 to kick off the 8th Annual Home Base Golf Tournament at The Nest in hopes that their gift will inspire others. This generous donation serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment and belief in the importance of supporting our organization. It is through the support of individuals like Charlie and Kimberly that Home Base Florida is able to continue providing vital services and programs to those in need. 

“Simply put, it is our pleasure and a blessing that we are fortunate enough to contribute to help those that have done so much for our country and our freedom.  Kimberly and I have always tried to give back to our communities and now that we are in Bonita Springs full time, the choice was easy to have Home Base as one of our lead efforts” Charlie Young said. Home Base Florida is incredibly grateful for the passion and generosity shown by Charlie and Kimberly Young. Their support enables us to reach more individuals and families, providing them with the resources they need to thrive. Together, we are building a stronger, more compassionate community. 

If you are inspired by Charlie and Kimberly’s story and would like to get involved with Home Base Florida, or the 8th Annual Home Base Golf Tournament at The Nest there are many ways you can contribute. Whether it’s through sponsoring, donating a raffle item, or spreading the word about the event every action makes a difference. Join us in our mission to make a lasting impact on the lives of those in our community. 

To learn more about Home Base Florida or to get involved at this year’s event, please visit the tournament website at www.homebase.org/thenest2023. Their mission is complete. Ours has just begun.