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A Message From General Hammond on the Events in Ukraine

Dear Home Base Nation,

Over the past several weeks, we have all watched the conflict in Ukraine unfold with tremendous sadness. Each night, we see fresh images of combat and human suffering, which can bring back difficult memories for Veterans and Military family members. Others may develop feelings of frustration and guilt based upon their inability to assist these brave souls as they fight to defend their nation and freedom. If you know anyone affected by this terrible situation, please connect with the Care and Support team at  Home Base, who can assist them in processing these feelings.   

Brigadier General Jack Hammond, US Army (ret.) Executive Director, Home Base

This is a difficult time for all of us, but even more so for those in uniform and their families. Nearly 100,000 US troops are now in and around Europe, thousands of whom were recently deployed to serve as freedom’s guardians in NATO countries adjacent to Russia and Ukraine. For every one of these warriors, we must remember there are usually five worriers back home praying for their safe return.

I would like to express my deepest thanks and appreciation to the men and women who are serving in harm’s way today, and the families sacrificing greatly for our collective security. I would like to ask each of you to join me in taking a moment to say a quick prayer for the safety of our warriors and the people in Ukraine fighting for their liberty.

At Home Base, we are dedicated to healing the invisible wounds of war for Veterans of all eras, Service Members, Military Families and Families of the Fallen. Please know that we are here for you today, as we have been for more than a decade. Our team stands ready to provide the compassionate care we have delivered to both our warriors and their families for the past 13 years.

If we can be of any assistance or you would like to contact us, please visit homebase.org/connect2care for more information.



Jack Hammond

Brigadier General USA Ret.

Executive Director, Home Base