Stories of Hope: Joseph Suina

Vietnam and Marine Corps Veteran Joseph Suina, a member of the Cochiti Pueblo, in New Mexico knows firsthand how the physical – and invisible – wounds of war impact daily life.

“It was very revealing of some things that I never spoke about. And, having brought it out on the surface and talked about it really took something off of my shoulders that I never did before”.

Central to our mission, Home Base strives to proactively reach communities nationwide through training and capacity building to provide access to care without barrier for Veterans of all eras. What sets Home Base apart is equitable access to world-class care for the entire Military Family because we know that healing takes the whole family.

When you support Home Base, you make a difference in the lives of Veterans, like Joseph, who are part of vastly underserved communities, like that of Native Americans.

“Now that I have gone through the program and have gone home, I could see the difference in myself, I was able to speak about my previous experiences – things that I had never talked to anybody about. I faced some of those things that I had put into the background. I also spoke to my sister about things she and I had suffered together in our own family. It seemed like both of us were healing.”

Joseph found hope and healing at Home Base that will change the legacy of his family. If you or a loved one are in need of care, contact us today.

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