Kalo Tanev, MD

Dr. Tanev’s main area of interest is neuropsychiatry. He works as an inpatient attending on the medical psychiatry unit, Blake 11. Dr. Tanev also works in an Outpatient Neuropsychiatry clinic and at Home Base.

Dr. Tanev is interested in studying neuropsychiatric disorders, an understudied area falling between the fields of psychiatry and neurology. One of his areas of interest within neuropsychiatry is that of sleep disturbances in hospitalized patients with Alzheimer’s or vascular dementia. He is also interested in identifying successful treatment strategies for traumatic brain injury.

Dr. Tanev is part of a group of clinicians at MGH who share a passion for the development of neuropsychiatry. Their goal is to develop awareness of neuropsychiatric disorders and build educational and clinical services for this under-recognized and under-served population.