On The Road Again: With Navy Veteran, Home Base Marathoner, and Commercial Truck Driver Yuma Haidara

In this episode, Dr. Ron Hirschberg talks with Navy Veteran and 7-time marathoner Yuma Haidara about her journey to the Navy, nursing, and a path to a career in commercial truck driving with Walmart. Yuma sees the road in front of her as an opportunity, and at the same time with just enough adventure. She holds a unique balance of bonding with fellow veterans, while finding strength on her own, trucking cross country, running anywhere from 3.1 to 26.2-mile races, and building her own business of organic skincare products, “A Yummy Life.” Yuma's strength also comes from confronting vulnerability and accepting the fact that asking for help makes us stronger.

Many thanks Navy Veteran Yuma Haidara for your service in many ways, and how you always see the road as a new opportunity for helping others as you take care of yourself at the same time. 

You can connect with Yuma on Instagram @Yumahaidara – links to A Yummy Life, other podcasts and articles including Women’s Running Magazine she has been featured in and more…

Thank you to the Nashua Public Library for your hospitality for this conversation, and of course thanks to the great people at Walmart who have helped so many people into and post-pandemic as trusted employers and support system.


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