Two Hats and Camo-Scrubs: A Conversation with US Navy Combat Veteran and Current President of the American Medical Association, Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld

US Navy Combat Veteran Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld has worn two hats, both literally and figuratively whether donning his surgical cap in the OR, or his camouflage cap down range, and they seem to blend together when you talk with him about humanity, what the right thing to do is when it comes to stigma, equity in healthcare and equality for all, no matter who we are, both at home and abroad. In this episode, host Dr. Ron Hirschberg talks with Dr. Ehrenfeld about his role as the current President of American Medical Association and how his military experience has shaped it, about stigma in mental health, about the fight for rights in the LBGTQ+ community - in and out of the military - and current issues in Israel and Gaza that are on all of our minds. 

       This episode was recorded on 10-23-23 at Home Base Center of Excellence

Many thanks to our guest Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld, Navy Veteran, and current president of the American Medical Association for being on the podcast and your visit to Home Base. Thank you for your service in many ways in the operating room both overseas and stateside, with your work in medical leadership hat that has been shaped by the military hat you have worn over your career.

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