Prescribing Your Narrative – Featuring Physician and Creator of The Nocturnists Dr. Emily Silverman

We all have a narrative. This is how we see ourselves and how we want to tell our own story. When we listen to the narratives of our veterans and military families, we can almost feel the honor, pain, pride, sorrow, joy, and inspiration. It can be therapeutic for the storyteller, to dive in and then come up for air feeling relief - that he or she is heard and we are listening. This is the kind of service that our guest, Dr. Emily Silverman and her team at The Nocturnists provide: To shine their light on how valuable storytelling is for the body, mind and soul.

The Nocturnists:

The American healthcare system is making doctors and other healthcare workers sick — physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Even before COVID-19, we faced a crisis of burnout, depression, and suicidality. Now the situation is worse.

We founded The Nocturnists in 2016 because we wanted to create a space where healthcare workers could express themselves in their full-fledged humanity. During these challenging times, we continue to serve as a creative outlet for you. We also feel it's important to document this unprecedented moment in medical history.

You are not alone.
Your story matters.
We are listening.

-Emily and The Nocturnists Team


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