Home Base

Honoring a Lifetime of Service: General Fred M. Franks and the Inaugural Frederick M. Franks Award

General Frederick M. Franks, a proud U.S. Army Combat Veteran and Honorary Director of Home Base Florida, has dedicated his life to serving his country and supporting fellow veterans. His personal experiences as a patient in the amputee ward of Valley Forge Army General Hospital during the Vietnam War have fueled his passion for ensuring that veterans and their families receive the support and care they deserve upon returning home.

He has played an instrumental role in expanding Home Base programs, helping to establish multiple health and fitness programs and behavioral health clinics across Florida. Home Base Florida offers clinical and holistic care for the invisible wounds of service, addressing the unique needs of veterans and their families.

During the closing ceremony of the 12th Annual Salute to SWFL Veterans, General Frederick M. Franks was presented with the 2023 Major General Joseph Warren, M.D. Award. Much like General Fredericks M Franks, Major General Joseph Warren, M.D. was known as a hero. General Warren was a Patriot, Leader, Healer and possessed the Warrior Ethos, putting others before himself in service to our country. Qualities that General Frederick M. Frank has and continues to show through serving his community and country.

In additional to the 2023 Major General Joseph Warren, M.D. Award Home Base established the General Frederick M. Franks Award and presented it to the Kensington Golf & Country Club and its Home Base Volunteer Committee. General Franks has spent his entire life dedicated to fulfilling the implied trust that we will be there for our Veterans and their Families when they return home, and this award is a way to honor his legacy. Our hope is the General Frederick M Franks Award will recognize those who are dedicated to Veteran care and inspire all to exemplify the same level of devotion as he has displayed his entire life.